Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kinesys Sun Protection

As a native Floridian, protecting my family from the sun is often at the forefront of my mind. I worry most about my husband who works outdoors six days a week. Over the last three years he has come home with numerous sunburns. The Hubster is very vigilant about applying his sunscreen in the morning but when it comes to reapplication throughout the day he can be a bit stubborn. I can't blame him, really. He doesn't have access to bathroom where he can wash up so smearing on a reapplication of sunscreen usually means an uncomfortable midday exfoliation with whatever sand, dirt and grime has attached it's self to his body. I understand why he is more then slightly hesitant to grind all that goodness in while rubbing sunscreen on. Enter Kinesys courtesy of the Parent Bloggers Network.

Kinesys offers a nice even sunscreen application that you spray on. It dries in 2 to 3 minutes, no rubbing required! Other spray ons we have tried have dribbled out and produced blotchy coverage which requires you to rub it in. My husband has not had to rub Kinesys in at all- ever- not even on his face. The product itself, is oil and alcohol free; you can really FEEL a difference when you have it on. Often sun protection products will leave you feeling slick and greasy but the Kinesys is extremely light and not all all gooey.

We are a family with extremely sensitive skin and my husband did notice that on application he would sometimes feel a little burning near the crinkles of his eyes. This happens with pretty much any sunscreen we try. He did note that this stinging was much less then he has experienced with other sun products and was entirely minor compared to the benefits of the product. I was further soothed down when I found out that Kinesys is the top rated spay on sunscreen for safety according to my favorite cosmetics database which rates toe safety of skin and beauty produces. I place much trust into the Skin Deep data base and Kinesys excellent rating from them really impresses me.

Overall, my family has been very happy with the Kinesys sun protection. My husband has been burn free since he started using the product and he's even had his coworkers asking him about where to buy it.