Friday, October 19, 2007

Vincent Shoes

When The Parent Bloggers Network contacted me about trying out some baby shoes I squealed. No really, I did. I LOVE wittle shoes, LOVE THEM.

Despite my love of little shoes I typically have pretty low expectations for fit and quality. Two of my three kiddos had freakishly fat feet as infants making most shoes uncomfortable (the third had long long long skinny green bean feet which nary a shoe would remain on). The few baby shoes I've found that accommodate the ample top-of-the-foot fat have been pretty poorly made with pokey seams or rough rubby spots (yes, here at Little Bird Reviews our product testing jargon is highly complex). I'm glad to say the Vincent prewalker shoes that arrived at my door came without pokey or rubby spots and still easily slid onto Levi's pudgie foot.

The Mini James is a dressy looking soft leather shoe with adorable detailing. It's a perfect choice when the situation demands a little more polish like a wedding, a night on the town, or even church. The Mini James does come with long laces and I was a bit confused as to what to do with them. My husband more knowledgeable in man shoes took over and did something. Whatever he did the laces are now short, knotted on the inside, and a non-issue.

Next we took the sporty Mini for a spin

Super easy to slip on and velcro into place, the Mini is my personal favorite. I like it's fun sporty look and the dotted soles provide a bit of traction which Levi found particularly helpful while working on his crawling skills.

Levi found Vincents shoes to be so comfortable that he left them on even though he took his diaper off! Overall both the Mini and the Mini James are well constructed sturdy prewalker shoes. Both adorable and practical I declare Vincent shoes to be winning products.

Speaking of winning Vincent's giving away (2) $50 gift certificates. Just stop by HERE and leave a comment about your favorite Vincent shoes style (any shoe from their entire line from baby to kid sizes). The winner will be picked on 11/1.

If you can't wait till then to get some Vincent shoes you can use the code "OCT-20-OFF" for 20% anything in the shop through 11/11/07 (first time purchase only).