Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Social Skill Builder: software that teaches life skills

Social skills are a tough concept for folks on the Autistic spectrum. It is not something that comes naturally as it does to many of us. Every day we read people through what they say, through body language and through facial expressions. My daughter spends her day relying only on what people say as she finds the other 2/3 of communication to be tiresome and cryptic.

My Community by Social Skill Builder is geared towards kids ages 5-15 and features over 350 videos with varying ability levels. Parent Blogger Network sent the software my way to check out with my daughter, who is turning 7 this month.

Mira found level 1 to be a bit under stimulating, she liked when we moved on to level 2 with the multiple choice questions. Level 3 and 4 started to fuel frustration and I had to sit with her and make her stay on task. Both 3 & 4 involve reading visual cues, which is something she's rather avoid all together. Level 5 is fill in the blank, we didn't get very involved in level 5, as 3 and 4 made her so agitated.

Overall, I like this software. The scenarios are helpful and applicable to every day life. At Mira's age, I think one of the school geared titles offered by Social Skill Builder might be more appropriate as school makes up 75% of her life right now.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OOOOO, Pretty!

So there is this giveaway going on over at Chocolate and Steel and YOU are not allowed to enter because that gorgeous ring is MINE, all mine MUHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA... or at least I hope it's mine because I've been drooling over it all day today.

I'm not a big jewelry wearer. I have to absolutely love a piece to pant over it and this ring, well it 100% has me panting. I have even been stalking the Chocolate and Steel Etsy store, just in case I don't win.

So STAY AWAY, FAR AWAY. It's MINE! (I hope).. ok, click over and enter too, you just have to promise to send it to me if you win

Bunnytown, a hopping good time

Bunnytown is a fun colorful singing and dancing adventure. I had it pegged as perfect for my 2 year old, but what I didn’t realize is that all my kiddos from 9 months to almost 7 would be mesmerized.

We’ve watched Bunny town several times now and the pirate song is one we find ourselves singing around the house because who doesn’t love pirates? Especially when they are pirate bunnies.

This Easter, if you are looking to super hero mom and save your kids some holiday cavities (and be able to hoard all the candy for yourself), you should consider stuffing their Easter basket with a Bunnytown DVD

Friday, February 13, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake!

Looking for classic princess tales with a sweet twist? Then Strawberry Shortcake: Happily Ever After is just what you need.

Parent Bloggers Network sent a copy on over for my girls to check out. It arrive on a cold and stormy day, perfect for curling up on the couch. We ended up watching it 5 times that day- yes 5. My girls loved the story lines and my 2 year old son developed a wicked crush on Strawberry Shortcake (he's been sleeping with the case every night).

Parent Bloggers Network , also feeling the love, has so kindly offered to send a copy of Strawberry Shortcake: Happily Ever After to one of my berry sweet readers. Click on over and enter today!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Recall: Prental vitamins and iron suppliments

A voluntary nationwide recall has been issues for prenatal vitamins and iron supplements:

Prescription Iron Supplement Products:

Chromagen® Caplet
Chromagen® FA Caplet
Chromagen® Forte Caplet
Encora® Capsule
Niferex® Gold Tablet
Niferex® 150 Forte Capsule
Repliva 21/7® Tablet

Prescription Prenatal Vitamin Products:

PreCare® Chewable Tablet
PreCare® Conceive Tablet
PreCare Premier® Tablet
PremesisRx® Tablet
PrimaCare® Capsule/Tablet
PrimaCare® Advantage™ Capsule/Tablet
PrimaCare® ONE Capsule

Please see the FDA recall site for more specific information