Saturday, October 18, 2008

Take the Chicco Trevi Twin Stroller for a Spin

Back in July, I did a quick little post to promote a giveaway by Lala Girl. Up for grabs was the Chicco Trevi Twin stroller and I won!!!

Now that I've had this puppy out for a few road tests, I thought I would bring you the skinny. The short of it? just one word: awesome. No, really. I consider myself a double stroller connoisseur. From my days as a nanny through my mothering of girls 18 months apart and now my boys who are 15 months apart, I've pushed my fair share of double duty kid containment units and the Chicco Trevi Twin has been my favorite by far.

The Chicco Trevi twin is light weight, compact folding and easy to handle. It's taken a bit for me to get used to the fold and unfolding procedure. I'm more adept at the spin handle mechanism but I must admit that the Trevi's folding procedure is actually easier once you remember how to do it. No more wrestling with a rotating handle that just won't rotate. I've never had to try and shove the unfolded Trevi into my vehicle because I couldn't get it folded and everyone was melting down- unlike some other double strollers I've dealt with.

When folded, this double stroller rules all. I can easily dump it into my trunk and load grocery down on top of it. My other double stroller takes up the entire trunk and if I want the hatch to shut I have to hurl the entire weight of my body down onto the door to coax it into latching.

In the past I have avoided purchasing a side by side stroller. I vividly remember my days as a 'tween shoving my brother and sister's plow stroller, grumbling about the sidewalks/doorways/hallways being too narrow. The Chicco Trevi Twin is nothing like the kid plow of the past. It's nimble on it's wheels, can smoothly skirt through a doorway, and prance down my neighborhood sidewalk. This stroller is such a pleasure to use, I've started walking my daughter the 2 mile round trip to preschool.

The only downside I've discovered with this stroller is that my kids are right next to each other. This gives my nearly 2 year old open access to harassing the baby. I've found though, that this happens much less then I anticipated. I had visions of every outing ending in a hair pulling, leg pinching, nose grabbing battle. Over the past few months we've only had a problem 2 times- not bad considering how often I've got them riding around.

If you are in the market for a double stroller, take the Chicco Trevi Twin for a test spin and don't be surprised if you fall in love. Priced around $219, it's a good quality double stroller with the potential to bring you much glee as it will make your life as a mom to two little ones much easier.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sleep Beautifully

perfectly comfy

This is my youngest wee little angel, Boden, curled up in dream land. No doubt, dreaming happy little thoughts. Maybe Boden is dreaming about catching up with big brother Levi and moving into his very own big boy bed, something along the lines of the Summer Breeze bedroom set?

Hey, maybe it won't have to just be a dream after all! 5 minutes for mom is giving away a bedroom set and this is our entry. Click on over and you can enter to win too. maybe your little angel will soon be sleeping in style thanks to 5 minutes for mom !